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Last Updated Tuesday 23rd February 2016

We recently ran a course at Conyers School in Stockton-on-Tees.

Here is some of the feedback !

"Owen was fab again! Fab session, very worthwhile. I can't wait for the session next year."  - Teacher at Conyers School

"I can't believe how useful it was. I came along to have a laugh but it really made me realise how vulnerable I was and how, if under attack - I would do all the wrong things! A really valuable session. Thanks Owen!"

"I would recommend this for all college students. Fantastic day!"

"Absolutely brilliant day. I've already practiced it at home on all my family members!"

Latest Update January 27th 2016.
We have successfully delivered more training to Sunderland Care & Support please see below some of the very positive feedback we received.

Quotes from Sunderland Care & Support employees:

"I felt everything we learnt was done very thoroughly, having only 6 people on the course was beneficial. I have trained for 9 years and this has been the best course I have ever been trained on"

"I have gained more experience and understood better than other courses of the same kind in the past"

"Friendly, relaxed attitude, did not condisend if I was not doing things right he would help me"

"This course has been the best and most relevant in the twenty years I have been in this employment"

"Owen was an excellent tutor. Everything was covered with patience and professionalism. Enjoyable and informative"

"Best! PMVA course I have been on. Tutor learnt me a lot of theory and practical skills to take back to my workplace. Thank you Owen"

"Has a lot of knowledge & experience. Ensured all took part, was sensitive to peoples confidence & abilities, pitched it well"

"Excellent knowledge, professional, knows his stuff"

Owen is professional, he quickly builds up an excellent relationship with the class"

"Very Interesting course. Owen has a skill at keeping people focused and interested. Very enjoyable"

"Very good tutor knowledge, excellent understanding re company Care and Support. Excellent"

"Owen is excellent in his timings and I have left feeling updated and more confident in improving my skills when delivering breakaway training"

"Venue & hospitality excellent"

"Professional and also friendly and approachable"

"Shows great knowledge in every aspect and all questions answered"

"A lot of opportunities given to ask questions and all questions answered with confidence"

"Very professional and patient attitude"

"Explained to a high level to help learn and remember theoretical issues"

"Everything explained and shown to a high level"

"Fantastic amount of knowledge"

"Practical content met all my needs and more"

"Totally professional and patient"

"Tutor was more than happy to answer any queries"

Quotes from Foundation of Light employees:

"I feel I am going to learn a lot from this course and I am looking forward to the next few weeks."

"Found this course very informative but would like the chance to learn more. Owen was a fantastic tutor and made us all feel very comfortable. Hopefully we will get a chance to work with Owen again and learn more."

"I enjoyed taking part in the physical activity although I wasn't looking forward to going. Had a good laugh and learnt basic defences which would help me if I had to endure physical abuse towards me. 1st class."

"Very much enjoyed the lesson. I feel I would benefit from more lessons as I feel my confidence would grow."

"Owen was brilliant with all the girls as we were all different ages, heights and sizes. He took time to explain everything. I felt at ease in his company as did the whole group. I would like to continue and learn more about self defence."

Update April 16th 2015.

We have just recently successfully delivered training to Sunderland Care & Support please see below some of the very positive feedback we received.

Quotes from Sunderland Care & Support employees:

"The tutors were very good and I really enjoyed the course"

"Course was tutored excellently and kept everyone interested"

"Excellent knowledge and teaching style" - "Very interesting right to the end"

"Course was very enjoyable"

"Very, very knowledgeable couldn't ask for anything more"

Update: November 6th 2014.
We have just recently successfully delivered training to Sunderland Care & Support please see below some of the very positive feedback we received.

Sunderland Care & Support training with Owen Murray

Quotes from Sunderland Care & Support employees:

"Excellent demonstrations and techniques shown / demonstrated"

"Very relevant, use some techniques frequently"

"Excellent attitude, very open and honest, made to feel comfortable"

"Extremely knowledgeable"

"Good information and examples shared"

"The content of the course was good, refreshed my techniques and showed up to date techniques. Found it very valuable to be able to discuss with tutor and be given techniques to use"

"Very interesting"

Sunderland City Council Social Services - August / September '13
We are currently contracted by Sunderland Social Services delivering P.M.V.A (Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression) . We are the ideal training provider if you are looking for ways to reduce cost on courses that involve various options. Click here to read some of the positive feedback from attendees.

Owen Murray MBE outside Cumbria NHS

We are currently contracted by Cumbria N.H.S Trust delivering P.M.V.A (Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression). We are currently running courses at various locations this includes Breakaway Training, and as part of the P.M.V.A. (and Breakaway Training) we cover Conflict Management and the use of reasonable force. We are the ideal training provider if you are looking for ways to reduce cost on courses that involve various options.

We currently deliver Breakaway Training at two different levels:-

Level 1 - Induction - theory only

Level 1 + being frontal assaults and theory - can apply to everybody

Level 2 All Breakaway techniques plus theory - applies to some categories (not all)

Level 3 P.M.V.A. - applies to mental health workers (using holding techniques as well as breakaway)

Prices are available on application.

We are delivering training to staff which include dental nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, staff in care homes, staff in mental health units, in patient mental health units, residential care home staff, district nurses, community nurses, paediatric nurses, plus school nurses to name but a few.

We can tailor courses to suit the majority of your staff.

We have a proven tried and tested formula which we can implement into your organisation.

Are Your Staff Safe?

Do you feel your staff have been adequately trained to deal with potentially violent situations?

We were recently contacted by Leighann Jewitt of Manor House Care Home in Easington Lane near Sunderland. Watch the video below to hear Leighann give her views on the benefits of enlisting the help and advice of Suresafe. Leighann who is the manager of the home found Sursafe great value for money, and the staff too found the training very beneficial. Would you like to know more? We offer free no obligation advice and we can help you learn more about the benefits to you and your here

To put your mind at rest about the quality of our training and our proven track record built up over many years below is just a selection of many glowing references from organisations large and small who have benefited from our services:-

Quotes from British Embassy Dubai:

"Excellent course made me aware of my vunerability thus enabling me to take steps to ensure my safety"

Durham City Council employees:

"Fantastic delivery. Very well taught, great interacton and practical application. Really enjoyed it"

Brilliant Course. I've learned lots about self defence and didn't realise how open to attack I was"

Would you like to know more?

Sunderland City Hospitals employees:

"Very enjoyable. It will help me in my job as a porter"

"A most worthwhile course, boosts confidence and teaches respect - I will try to endevour not to under-estimate people. I will also request the rest of my staff are allowed to attend"

Bernicia Group employees:

"Best course I've been on covering this area. Excellent knowlegable  Tutor made course interesting.  Other breakaway courses do not involve so much practical"

"First class course, please repeat on a regular basis"

Sunderland City Council:

"A very relavant and useful course for techniques that can be used in all kinds of day to day events. This would be a good course to use for everyone and would be advantages to do refresher training"

"A great course which we should have had years ago. First class tutors who delivered the course brilliantly. This course would be of great value to many more front line staff enployed by Sunderland Council"

Would you like to know more?

Safeguarding the well-being of your staff and personnel

Could your front line staff potentially come into contact with aggressive or potentially aggressive people?

Sure Safe gives your staff the skills to be aware of potentially violent situations. If someone does become violent towards your staff it gives them the ability to breakaway and escape without any injuries to a member of the public.  Main objective is to get away.

Within our society we are all facing the possibility of either verbal or physical abuse either in our working or social environments, and often at  times when we least expect it.
As individuals, and Employers, we all hope that we will not experience such acts, and as Employers our responsibility extends to all of our staff and employees whilst those individuals are engaged in their everyday duties. We have a legal obligation to ensure as far as possible that our Employees undertake their duties in a safe and secure environment.

However, as our working practices have changed in recent years, more and more Employees are required to carry out their duties without the presence and support of another colleague.

Owen Murray stood outside Sedgefield Council Offices

Examples being social workers, carers for the elderly and infirmed, customer care officers for Housing groups, etc. The list  of employees who undertake their duties as single individuals extends significantly beyond the latter examples,  and due to the ever changing working practices the number of people whofind themselves in this situation will undoubtedly increase.

Owen Murray showing a restraint technique

There are also occasions when an office based Employee may have to meet a member of the public on a one to one basis, and again that Employee may experience either verbal or physical abuse or intimidation from the visiting party even within the office environment.

Would you like to know more?

To view the photos of our trip to Dubai click here

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